Why do we go to church? Perhaps the songs of ascent can help us understand why.
No one is meant for isolation. Sam discusses the need for deep connection in the pilgrims journey in the songs of ascent.
Going to be with God can feel like a pilgrimage. Sam seeks insights from the Songs of Ascent.

Go Fish

June 25, 2023
Jason discusses practical evangelism
How on earth can anyway have peace when things look so bad? Habakkuk has some thoughts on that.
In God's perfect timing is not the same as our ideal timeline. Sam discusses the importance of letting God run the show.
Ever wonder if what you are expecting will come true? Sam discusses the importance of open faith for how God will handle things
What can we say when God seems to be doing nothing? A lot. Sam launches our series on Habakkuk
Where do you go when you are worn down? Sam discusses christ as the head of our lives
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