Where Young Lives are Nurtured, Celebrated, and Safe 

Living Way Preschool is a place where ALL children have amazing gifts and ALL children can succeed and progress to their fullest potential. An inclusive preschool building a community of learners and friends!

At Living Way Preschool, we want to make sure that each child is receiving the best early childhood education, not only to prepare them for school, but for life. We provide a curriculum that not only includes all developmental areas but is research and evidence based.

At the Living Way Preschool, we use Zoo-phonics as our core curriculum. This multi-sensory curriculum is designed to meet all different types of learning styles. Zoo-phonics is a unique program that involves your whole child, eyes, ears, mouth, mind and body with:
Endearing animals (visual learning), Hand and Body motions (kinesthetic learning), Sounds and Songs (auditory learning), Letter Shapes (visual learning), and Games and Activities (kinesthetic learning).



Dawnette Pyne, Preschool Director

Phone: 971-409-9553
Address: 39300 Dubarko Rd
Sandy, OR 97055
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